Soccer Equipmnet custom printing with logo

Does your Soccer Club need Competition and Practice Balls, Gloves, Shin Guards and more?

From Soccer Balls to shin guards and goal keeper gloves we can supply your club with all your soccer club needs.

Our Products include:

  • Soccer balls in 32, 18 or 12 panels to suit the logo size.
  • Competition and Practice Soccer Balls
  • Mini Balls with Corportate or team branding for promotion
  • Soccer Goal Keeping Gloves
  • Soccer Shinners
  • Soccer Shin Guards
  • Soccer Shoes with spikes or studs


We only supply quality Soccer equipment.

Soccer Balls: Made from PU or PVC with branding on all or 6-8 panels available in sizes 1/2/3 4 and 5. Competition and practice balls made from Carbonium PVC or Korean or Japanese Cordley PU.  Soccer balls in 32 panels, 18 and 12 panels, 9 and 6 panel available. Large logos branded on 4-6-9 sides.
Promotional balls in PVC 32 and 12 panel in sizes 5/4/3 and mini.
Mini balls in 37 and 42cm diameter with either 32 panels or 12 panels and logo on 4-6 or 12 panels. Branding of club or corporate logos, photographs printed on the panels of the ball.
Soccer Goal Keeper Gloves, made from polyester, well padded and with grip palms.

At Melton Enterprises all our products can be customised with your logo or design from sports apparel to tote bags and usb sticks

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