Cricket Equipment

Melton Enterprises has a huge range of cricket equipment available.

Cricket Bats
English willow and Kashmir willow bats in all sizes with logos printed on decals. Professionally made from the highest quality timber from England and Kashmir, these bats are of international standard. These bats come in size from 1-3-5-6 Harrow and Full size. Autograph bats in 12” or 15” with decals stuck on the front with logo or club colours.

Cricket Balls
Cricket balls made from high quality leather. 2 piece for matt surfaces and 4 piece for turf play. Indoor cricket balls also available in Yellow, pink and red.
Cricket batting pads and wicket keeping pads with plastazote moulding for comfort, weight and durability. Logo printed on front of pads

Cricket Gloves
Leather cut finger batting gloves for ultimate comfort, many designs and colours, all branded with logos. Available in a range of colours, design and sizes.
Wicket keeping gloves, leather outer with pimple rubber grip and protection on palms.

Cricket Helmets and Caps
Cricket helmet with steel grill for protection. Available in 2-3 colours.

Cricket Wicket and Batting Pads
Cricket Wicket and Batting Pads made from lightweight palstazote for easy wear and comfort for better protection. All sizes available, broad velcro straps for good fit and comfortable running.

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