Compostible Biodegradable Bags

Compostible Biodegradable Bags

Our compostable bags are made from GM free cornstarch, with corn starch as its main material, it is convenient to use, and is also environmental-friendly.

After using our biodegradable Carrier and produce bags, in a compostable environment, they will degradable into H2O and CO2 within 6 months, totally nontoxic, they become organic fertilizer and go back to nature .

All of our bags are certified with DINCERTCO international EN13432&ASTMD-6400 OK compost Home
30% renewable resources

We have many different styles of Compostable Biodegradable bags:

  • Carrier Bags
  • Produce Bags
  • Shopping Bags – Die cut handles
  • Shopping Bags with Handles
  • Trash Bags
  • Bin Liner Bags
  • Bin Liners with Tie Top
  • Dog Waste Bags
All bags come in several sizes and can be printed on with your company logo or design. They are great for Shopping, Fruit and Vegetables, Compost and Waste Bins.
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Click on the image below to see examples of the different bags available

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