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Soccer Balls


Our Products include:

  • Soccer balls in 32, 18 or 12 panels to suit the logo size.
  • Competition and Practice Soccer Balls
  • Mini Balls with Corportate or team branding for promotion

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Product Description

Soccer Balls

Soccer Balls: Made from PU or PVC with branding on all or 6-8 panels available in sizes 1/2/3 4 and 5.

Competition and practice balls made from Carbonium PVC or Korean or Japanese Cordley PU.  Soccer balls in 32 panels, 18 and 12 panels, 9 and 6 panel available. Large logos branded on 4-6-9 sides.

Promotional balls in PVC 32 and 12 panel in sizes 5/4/3 and mini.

Mini balls in 37 and 42cm diameter with either 32 panels or 12 panels and logo on 4-6 or 12 panels. Branding of club or corporate logos, photographs printed on the panels of the ball.



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